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"My name is Elizabeth S., and I am 74. I have been diagnosed with a genetic disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis, and severe Osteoarthritis, Spinal Stenosis, Lumbar Herniated Discs, and many others. I have lost one eye during a cataract surgery and I am not able to perform any back surgery because I may lose the other one because of the pressure on the optic nerve during surgery. Being in tremendous pain, I have tried all the possible resources to feel better. Specialist Chiropractic and Neck Specialists, two different Acupuncturists, Cleveland Clinic in OH, Physical Therapy at the Union General Hospital and Private Physical Therapy, Pain Specialists in Gainesville GA, a Neurologist, all did the best they could to alleviate my pain with no success. My primary care doctor referred me for a medical massage with Lavinia Rusu. I have had neck pain and sciatic nerve impingement. She offered several massage treatments and the results were better than any of my previous attempts of treatments. She is sensitive to pain and temperature, insists on hydration after treatment, her highly educated methods gave me relief and helped me get off some pain medications I was on.  If you are hurting, please do not procrastinate and call Lavinia, and be assured you will be getting relief, at last!" Liz S., Blairsville GA, March 8, 2017


“My name is Sabina Tipton. I had injured my shoulder several years ago and it never healed properly. It became a “frozen shoulder”.  I tried different massage therapies, deep tissue, etc., nothing worked. 

After just 2 “intense” therapy sessions with Lavinia, I could finally raise my arm to wash my hair, etc.  I have continued my treatments and I continue to improve weekly. I can’t say enough good things about this therapy. It really works!”  (2012, Sabina Tipton, Blue Ridge GA)


I have had hundreds of massages all around the world using many different techniques. I have to say that Lavinia is one of the best therapists I have ever had anywhere. She combines her never ending knowledge of the structure and musculature of the human body with a unique technique of hold and release that helps to alleviate deep muscle spasms. She always adjusts her style to each persons unique needs, and is able to help me manage long term back conditions better than I ever could with just exercise and stretching alone. She always adjusts to not only the person, but that persons current body state each massage. On top of her ability, she has such a friendly personality and uplifting attitude. You can hire Lavinia with confidence that she will not only help your body, but help to lift your spirits.  (2013, Bradley Becker, Lawrenceville, GA )


"When I  received my first massage from Lavinia about 20 months ago, my neck and shoulders were so tight they had nodules on them and were very tender to the touch. She gently and firmly massaged the area  using pressure points to relieve the tension (with her hands from heaven) and I slowly began to feel so much better. For about a month I received a massage every week then went out to two weeks and then once a month. Now she is doing my back and legs also. She has been a real blessing to me and I am able to be more active.  When she first felt my shoulders, she said that she had felt only one other person that was worse than me. Thank You Lavinia!!"  ( 2012, Janet Snyder, Jefferson  GA)


“I  was in a major car accident on 11/9/09 and suffered L5-S1 para-central disc  herniation. I went to physical therapy before and after surgery for about 8  months, including aqua and land therapy sessions. I was taking Lortab,  Gabepentin and Tramedol to relieve the severe pain during recovery. After the  final physical therapy, I was concerned that I was still in a great deal of  pain and wondered if itwould be permanent. A church member recommended Lavinia for  massage therapy. I was very skeptical at first, because massage therapy had  never given me much long term relief. However, I was extremely incorrect in  my assumption because I felt much better after the initial massage. After  going through weekly sessions, I was feeling better and stronger after each massage. I was eventually  able to taper off to  bi-weekly to even monthly sessions due to superb results given by Lavinia. I  have recently stopped taking all medications for the first time since my  surgery, which is a direct result from the massage therapy. I only thought I  had received deep tissue massage before, but I had no clue what a deep tissue  massage was before being introduced to Lavinia. Her fingers and thumbs are  like heavy rolling pins carefully massaging every muscular detail. She warms  up slowly so there are never extreme sore spots the next day, which can truly  make one feel worse than before their massage. She is absolutely the best  masseuse in the South East area. If you are in severe back pain and have been to see all the others, then you truly need to  call Lavinia for a wonderfully relaxing experience.”    (2012, Sean Morris, Lawrenceville GA)




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