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Lavinia Rusu


My passion for bodywork began at the young age of seven, when my father 's complaints of back pain and sore shoulders inspired me to massage them until they felt better. My father remarked that his discomfort continually decreased and I was so thrilled with his recovery that I dedicated myself to therapeutic massage from then on. Viewing massage as a direct way of improving people's quality of life and reducing the causes of discomfort and pain, I focused my training, teaching  and extracurricular studies on structural, neurological and movement-based massage methods. I have finished my first massage  classes in 1994 in Therapeutic and Swedish Massage, and graduated with honors the Georgia Massage School in 2012 learning in depth the science of neuromuscular massage, sports massage and orthopedic assessment and massage.


Inspired by the pain reduction my family achieved, I began a blend of sports massage, deep tissue, myofascial and neuromuscular therapy in 2012, working primarily with people who had pain, injuries and soreness that had not been successfully treated by other professionals. Using a blend of sports massage, trigger points release,  and deep tissue that's greatly informed by intensive study in fascial release, physiology, and neurological massage, I have had tremendous succes in helping athletes and people in ongoing pain and discomfort find relief and increased performance through massage. By actively listening to each client's needs and asking about their daily activities, my attention to detail and knowledge of the interconnectedness of the body, along with my integrated style of bodywork, allows me to catch and retrain subtle movement patterns that keep people in pain, and perform deep tissue that addresses soreness and discomfort while treating their underlying causes.

In 2016 I have developed my own technique of readjusting and re-aligning the spine by working on tendons and ligaments. This technique is really effective in lumbar, thoracic and cervical nerve impingement and nerve entrapment due to vertebral disc issues. I have developed my own method of decompressing the spine which allows more space between the vertebras, and creating space so the bulging or herniated discs can readjust and rehydrate and release the impinged nerves around them.


The attention to detail and passion for truly therapeutic work led many people to call me  "the healing hands" lady or the "golden hands" lady.  It is truly a blessing to have clients tell me after a few sessions of massage : "my pain is gone..."

A lover of good nutrition and healthy living, I am enjoying my life near my wonderful husband Valentin, and my two joyful boys Phillip and Ryan.


 My Vision in life is: Love, grow, be wise, healthy, happy and enthusiastic!

My Goal is:
I am living a life 100% worth living.
I am growing every day in different aspects of my life.
I am letting go of the past and enjoy the present or the moment.
I am supporting and investing in my family and church.
I am letting go of my fears and limiting beliefs.
I am living a disciplined life.
I am avoiding assumptions.

My Legacy will be:
Investing in people is the best investment you can ever make.

My Business Values Are:
Win-Win ... or no deal
Integrity... do the right thing
Commitment... in all things first to understand
Creativity... ideas before results
Customers... always come first
Teamwork... together everyone achieves more
Trust... starts with honesty
Success... results through people

My Core Values are:
I am grateful to God for everything He gives me.
Honesty & Authenticity
Giving & Love
I am what I think, hear, see, eat and focus.



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